We were referred to Nikki though our DJ and we are so grateful. We hired Nikki for the day of planning only but she did way much more than just the day of. She is extremely efficient, organized and to say she was helpful would be an understatement. Nikki loves what she does and you can tell. She is very connected with vendors and knows how to get things done.

On the day of the wedding she was all business .. directing and keeping us on track. Anything we needed she got it. The day was a blur and a huge success due to Nikki's mad skills. My only regret is that I didn't hire her for planning the entire event. If I had to do it again (lol not planning on it) I would hire her the entire thing. She is worth every penny and more.- Via 11/29/15


"I thought I could handle planning a wedding all on my own... Was I wrong! I got about halfway through the planning process and wanted to scream everyday I felt so overwhelmed. I contacted Eitana Events and hired Nikki to pick up where I left off in the planning and was immediately relieved. Nikki is so incredibly organized and efficient, and she kept me on track with everything I needed to be doing, as well as my husband (then fiance) and our wedding party. She was also our day-of coordinator for the wedding and she, again, kept everything on track, made sure everything was perfect with the vendors, and more importantly kept the stress of everything off of me and my wedding party the whole day. I don't know what I would have done without Nikki and would recommend her over and over again! " - Via 10/6/15


I'm so glad we found Eitana Events. Nikki coordinated our whole contract and Orreon DJ'd. Nikki was prompt and professional in all her correspondence and I felt totally confident and relaxed going into the wedding knowing she'd taken care of all the details. She's also afantastic DJ and mixed at a friend's wedding, that's how we first learned of Eitana! Orreon was a great find, too. He kindly agreed to meet me for coffee before booking him and we talked about music, what kind of vibe I wanted, and he even gave me some recommended a couple bands I hadn't heard of but ended up loving. He handled the music for our wedding as well as our cocktail hour and reception and couldn't have done better. He was friendly, upbeat, and read our guests well. He kept the party afloat on a hot May afternoon, I don't think the dance floor was ever abandoned! -Via 5/6/2017

First off, Nikki is phenomenal at what she does, our wedding day went smoothly because of her. She was intuitive, took care of everything I asked her. She showed grace and tact in dealing with a delicate issue that came up during the event. I loved that I could ask her to handle things and know they were handled! She is extremely professional and a fun person. She is great at what she does and she treats you like a family member. We can’t thank Nikki enough for all of her time, dedication, and attention to detail for our wedding. She truly helped the entire process flow smoothly, I highly recommend her to anyone that is planning a wedding, you won’t be disappointed. - Via 7/15/16

Nikki (aka DJ Nixx) was the PERFECT. WEDDING. DJ. The DJ was the vendor I was most concerned with getting right, as they affect the flow and mood of the reception more than anything else. Nikki was spot on in every way. Before the wedding: She spoke with us on the phone (we were planning from out of town) to get to know us better. She laid out pricing and options up front and didn't push us to get anything we didn't want or need. She was kind and efficient. Loved it. Choosing music: Nikki's website is so simple. You can put all of the info she needs to know in ahead of time (family names, order of events, etc), you can choose all types of can go in every day and update things (as you remember that song from 1996 that you really liked.) Loved it. Communication: Always answered my emails right away and reached out when I forgot things just to check in. Loved it. At the wedding: Perfect set up just as described in our phone calls. She set the perfect tone thru dinner and then jazzed it up for the reception. She is more than just a "wedding DJ" - she is an artist. She mixed fun things and always felt where the room was at. She accommodated a few last minute requests with ease. Loved it. Overall: Hire this woman. She is a genius. I wanted a female DJ who was a musician, not just a "wedding DJ" playing from a book of CD's. She took the time to understand our style and what we wanted and she made it happen with style. –via 12/15/16

I have hired Nikki for countless weddings and events and she is simply the best DJ anyone could hope to have as the cornerstone for an amazing party. She is incredibly organized and cares deeply about crafting highly-personalized playlists that reflect music that the couple loves most, taking into careful consideration the type of audience that she is playing to. Nikki spends time with each couple that she works with getting to know them and their style, and then she sets to work building completely unique playlists for every event. The level of detail that she builds into every playlist reads like a story about the couple - you can hear their musical interests in every song she selects. She is not only a wedding DJ, she is someone who adds to the story of every couple's wedding day and she never fails to build an amazing party. More than once I have had couples beg her to stay well into the night just to keep the party going. And on one very special occasion, she even stayed until the wee hours of the night to play music for just the bride and groom to dance to, well after the guests had gone to bed. Nikki is passionate about music and she truly cares about her clients. I can't imagine a more talented or kind individual. I highly-recommend her amazing services!! –via 9/8/16